Unexpectedly Telling the Truth

On social media, I’ve noticed people posting that “Ukraine isn’t worth any American cities.” Besides the fact that no one is suggesting the US get involved in a hot war with Russia over Ukraine, comments like this make an interesting admission, if backhanded admission, about Putin.
Far from being the defender of “traditional western values,” or of the “faith of the Orthodox Church” the leader of Russia is in fact a vindictive madman who is willing to kill millions of civilians and cause untold environmental and economic damage that will devastate the whole world to get his way.

Such a man will not stop in Ukraine. He represents a threat not only to Ukraine and Europe but Russia and the Russian people as well.

Far from defending traditional morality, he is in fact a threat to the moral foundations of political and economic liberties.
As for being a defender of Orthodoxy, this is on its face is, an absurd statement to make of a man who not only invades a sovereign nation but orders Orthodox Christians to kill other Orthodox Christians. And not only soldiers defending their nation but civilians including children, the sick, and the elderly.

On Monday night I told the people who’d come to pray for peace in Ukraine, that while Ukraine is the battlefield, the war is against the West and Western civilization itself. I stand by this. The war in Ukraine is a war for the future of the West and the preservation of all that makes our civilization possible.

Finally, if you have been posted comments about the value of American cities vs Ukraine, please understand your calculus is based on a fantasy. Specifically, the spiritual delusion (prelast) that the president of Russia can be placated. He cannot and your own rhetoric about “American cities” makes this abundantly clear.

In Christ,

Fr Gregory