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For Consideration: American Utopianism

While the utopians’ aspirations can seem alarmingly foreign, their basic outlook was hyper-American—American, but more so (in terms of ideals, if seldom reality). Americans cherish freedom of conscience; where better to nurture new heresies? America is profoundly egalitarian; where better to abolish property? Americans cherish liberalism; where better to emancipate women? America is a land of new beginnings; where better to kick off the millennium?

Chris Jennings, Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism

For Consideration: Utopianism

Utopianism may be a species of optimism, but it is always born of discontent.

Chris Jennings, Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism.

Underestimating, or worse ignoring, the American tendency toward Utopianism of one kind or another is one of the central reasons that Orthodox evangelism is frequently unsuccessful in the long-term. Americans aren’t spiritually discontent, we are often not content unless we are discontent. We are restless people always on the look out for the next, new thing. And, as a consequence, always predisposed to move on.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory