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For Consideration: Liberal Education?

Don’t expect to find much guidance on liberal education in the mission statements of leading American colleges and universities. They contain inflated language about diversity, inclusion and building a better world through social transformation. Missing are instructive pronouncements about what constitutes an educated person or on the virtues of mind and character that underlie reasoned inquiry, the advance of understanding, and the pursuit of truth. Instruction on the ideas, norms and procedures that constitute communities of free men and women devoted to research and study are also scarce to nonexistent.

Source: What’s the Point of a Liberal Education? Don’t Ask the Ivy League.

Since many (probably most) American colleges and universities don’t teach the foundational texts and ideas of Western culture, the Church must. Or at least we should these things if we expect to see our young people grow to become mature and committed Orthodox Christians.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory