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Site News: A New Name, A New Mission

Having neglected to post on even a semi-regular basis, I’ve decided it’s time to rework my blog. I’ll be (selectively) uploading older posts and hope to add new ones in the near distant future.

So what’s going on here?

When my wife and I lived in Pittsburgh (the last time) I was asked by some laypeople to consider establishing a non-profit ministry that focused on spiritual formation and lay ministry. For a variety of reasons that project, the Palamas Institute for Orthodox Pastoral Studies, didn’t come to fruition. But I now think, please God, I have the time to focus on it.

In addition to my own posts, I am hoping to publish not only other Orthodox authors but also Catholic and Protestant Christians whose work can contribute to the pastoral life of the Orthodox Church. Specifically, I’m looking for people to write about Sacred Scripture, dogmatic theology, Church history, spiritual formation, liturgy and asceticism.

I’m also interested in cultural issues that have an effect on our life in Christ. So I’m also interested in authors who an offer an appreciative and critical understanding of philosophical, psychological and social issues in light of the Tradition of the Orthodox Church. But again, with a focus on the pastoral life of the Church.

More later so stay tuned!

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory