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Violence against property and persons 

While the destruction of property is not as morally serious as homicide, neither are morally acceptable. The inability–or what is worse, unwillingness–to acknowledge that both are wrong is a sin against both justice and charity.

The open assault on property taking place in cities across the country is clearly a campaign of violence. After all, a standard dictionary definition of violence is “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” That’s right, not just “someone,” but “something” too. That’s not just some technicality: it’s what people generally mean when they use the word “violence.” The term has long encompassed things like burning someone’s house down. Leftist commentators are basically trying to redefine “violence” as a synonym of “assault.”

Source: The Problem With The Argument That Riots Are ‘Just Property Damage’ – Foundation for Economic Education