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Basically, We’re Good People

Jonathan Kay at Quillette argues that based on the data of what people did relative to when governments did (or didn’t) impose lockdown concludes our debate on the issue is “phoney.” what it overlooks is that for a mixture of self-interest and altruism people have voluntarily changed their behavior.
Unfortunately, “on both sides” assume “that government decrees work as a sort of magic wand that will bring our economies (and perhaps the most acute phase of the pandemic) back to life. But the data suggest there is no magic wand. Much of the lockdown effect was imposed not by top-down fiat, but through millions of small decisions made every day by civic groups, employers, unions, trade associations, school boards and, most importantly, ordinary people.”
Put another way, we tend–as a group–to do the right thing for each other.
In Christ,
+Fr Gregory