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Sexual Activity and Personal Identity

From the always interesting and illumination site, Just Thomism:

…our contemporary sexual ethic wants sexual activity to continue to give personal identity, but apart from the procreative power that generates actual persons with concrete relations, social and cultural structures, language communities, etc. Sexual activity can now fulfil or actualize one’s identity simply by having an orgasm, as though the genitals magically summon up identity like a genie from a lamp. At times there seems to be more than this – early trans activists in the 90’s spoke of wanting to re-establish hereditary lines and family structures to produce new sorts of families, but one gets the sense that if we sobered up and started taking the connection between sexual activity and family seriously it would be hard to avoid heteronormative – perhaps even Augustinian conclusions. It’s not as if anyone is in doubt over what kind of human sexual activity creates families as lines of descent from a common ancestor.

You can read the rest here: Two first principles of sexual ethics