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For Consideration: Individualism

While individualism is profoundly opposed to all prescriptive privilege, to all protection, by law or force, of any rights not based on rules equally applicable to all persons, it also denies government the right to limit what the able or fortunate may achieve. It is equally opposed to any rigid limitation of the position individuals may achieve, whether this power is used to perpetuate inequality or to create equality. Its main principle is that no man or group of men should have power to decide what another man’s status ought to be, and it regards this as a condition of freedom so essential that it must not be sacrificed to the gratification of our sense of justice or of our envy.

F.A. Hayek, “Individualism: True and False,” in Studies on the Abuse & Decline of Reason, Bruce Caldwell, ed. (2010) Collected Works of F.A. Hayek XIII, p. 73.

h/t: Cafe Hayek