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Fundamentalism: Theology in the Service of Psychosis – Public Orthodoxy

Rev. Dr. Vaseilios Thermos, a psychiatrist, professor, and priest of the Church of Greece, has a provocative post at Public Orthodoxy (Fundamentalism: Theology in the Service of Psychosis – Public Orthodox). Here’s a preview:

Paradoxically, although religious fundamentalism is a fanatical opponent of the discipline of psychology, it actually is a form of psychologism. It assesses through habit, not through truth. For fundamentalism, it is “familiar identity” that is at risk. Fearful of the complexity of the modern world (which has already evolved to the chaos of the postmodern one), it resorts to oversimplified solutions, because it cannot tolerate doubt, perplexity, or coexistence. In other words, fundamentalism “freezes” certain created and external elements of the tradition, which it believes to contain the truth of God. In doing so, fundamentalism immobilizes history, unaware that by doing so it enacts the very sin it claims to fight.

Agree with it or not, but the whole essay is worth reading.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory