Religious Suppression

When I taught psychology in a state college in California, I would always have at least one student ever semester who would object to my introducing myself as”Fr Gregory” and for wearing a cassock. They should do this on the mistaken notion that I was violating the US Constitution. Recently, as the WSJ reports (paywall) “the National Assembly of Quebec passed a law barring public employees from wearing religious clothing or symbols at work.” I agree with the author that this law has serious, negative, implications for religious freedom in Quebec and must be opposed.

Here in Madison while I generally treated politely, even warmly. Unfortunately, I am also met with cold indifference and occasionally even open hostility. In Madison as in Quebec, “Religious liberty will wither if the bigoted assumptions behind Quebec’s actions aren’t challenged. Those who want religion stamped out of public life will be emboldened if the opposition is expressed exclusively on legal grounds. The moral basis for protecting religious rights must be front and center in this battle.”

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory