Paranoid Fantasies

Unfortunately, there are Orthodox Christians spouting much the same kind of paranoid conspiracy theories as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States:

For years now, the archbishop has been issuing “declarations,” increasingly conspiratorial in their analysis of matters ecclesiastical, political, epidemiological, and vaccinal. Archbishop Viganò’s March 6 encyclical, a 10,000-word “Declaration on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis,” took this conspiracy-mania into Grace-Groundling-Marchpole territory. Among its manifestly false claims:

  • Virtually everything you may think you know about the war in Ukraine is a “gross falsification of the mainstream media,” and anyone who does not accept the archbishop’s claims is a victim of the “brainwashing carried out by the mainstream media.”
  • President Biden and the European Union are executing a “criminal plan” to “make impossible any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis, provoking the Russian Federation to trigger a conflict.”What you think you have seen of dead civilians and civilian infrastructure (including a maternity hospital), deliberately destroyed by Russian missiles, bombs, and artillery fire, is really the West’s fault.
  • Anyone who cares about the truth should lament the West’s blackout of Russia Today and Sputnik.
  • Ukraine’s Maidan “Revolution of Dignity” in 2013–14 was “an operation sponsored by George Soros.”
  • There are “neo-Nazi military forces” in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has “for eight years now continued to persecute Russian-speaking Ukrainians with impunity.”
  • Therefore “the Ukrainian people, regardless of what ethnic group they belong to, are merely the latest unwitting hostages of the supranational totalitarian regime that brought the economies of the entire world to their knees through the COVID deception, after publicly theorizing about the need to decimate the world population and transform the survivors into chronically ill patients who have irreparably compromised their immune systems.”
  • Yet there is hope: The “Third Rome”—the Russian Orthodox patriarchate of Moscow—may yet lead humanity to a better future.


Source: Archbishop Viganò and Colonel Grace-Groundling-Marchpole | George Weigel | First Things