Looking For A Home

Ready for Liturgy

I’m looking to rent a space near UW-Madison for a church. Any suggestions?

For the last several months, the mission I serve (Ss Cyril & Methodius) has been meeting Sunday mornings in a space we rent from the Lutheran campus ministry program at UW. They have been nothing but wonderful hosts but I would like the parish to start the new school year in a permanent facility so we could have services and programs during the week. We’ve been working with a real estate agent to find a property but commercial properties are hesitant to lease to a church.

In part, this is because the owners aren’t really sure what we would be doing during the week and are worried we would disturb other tenants. This is understandable but an Orthodox parish is a lot closer to a monastery than a megachurch in terms of noise and activity.

Reading between the lines, it also seems given the rather secular character of Madison and our wanting to be near UW, the landlords are also concerned that we would attract vandalism. This is an understandable concern. When I was in northern California, my church was frequently vandalized.

All that said, if you know of a place that would be open to renting to a quiet church, please let me know privately.

And, if you would, please pray that we find a permanent home soon.

Thank you!