Don’t Follow the Science, Follow the SCIENCES

Follow the science, follow the data, can’t simply be limited to the findings of epidemiology. This listening not only to economists, political scientists and other social scientists but also philosophers and theologians especially those who specialize in morality and public policy.

Following the science also means understanding, as the article below points out, the correlation between political orientation and risk appraisal. The further to the political left people are the more likely they are to OVER ESTIMATE the risk they face from Covid-19.

As with individuals, so too with communities.

Here in Madison, we are primarily a city of the political left. This means that we are likely significantly over estimate the risks people face. Add to this that we are a city there are very few conservative or libertarian voices to be heard and we are likely not even hear voices that would help us make more sober risk appraisals.

So don’t follow the science, follow the SCIENCES.

Source: On My Mind: They Blinded Us From Science