Do Universities Simply Need To Be Closed?

If we learned that 31.6% of students at Smiling Faces Daycare Center were sexually assaulted while there, we wouldn’t insist they hire a few more feminist scholar daycare workers or do more sexual assault programming. We would insist that the institution be closed and that those who committed assault be punished. We’d want the center’s president punished for enabling assault for so long.
Similarly, if 31.6% of Georgetown women will be sexually assaulted while here, that’s not some minor issue to respond to with pro-social posturing. It requires actual change. This might mean, say, segregating the dorms and forbidding people of different sexes from entering other dorms, on pain of expulsion. It might mean radically reducing on-campus residence but also ensuring the problem does not simply move off-campus. It might mean a policy of zero tolerance for alcohol with immediate expulsion for violators. It would at the very least require the university to inform prospective students that the school is a horrible rape factory and that they should strongly consider going to safer places, or taking extreme precautions before attending this dangerous place.
Relatedly, if Georgetown or any other university is indeed deeply racist and white supremacist, it seems that at the very least, we must warn prospective students and especially admitted students of this problem before they matriculate. “Congratulations on your admission. We hope you’ll attend, but not that we suffer from rampant white supremacism and so you come here at great risk.” Every admissions brochure should come with a clear warning.