COVID-19 & Religious Liberty in Madison, WI

While I remain hopeful that my parish’s religious liberty has not been infringed upon, retired UW law professor Ann Althouse raises suggest that I might be wrong. 
Althouse writes that “No sooner was the state-wide order invalidated than my local government reinstated it — but not without changing the way ‘religious entities’ are treated.” She quotes the city/county directive that churches are now “to use technology to avoid meeting in person, including virtual meetings, teleconference.”
We have been live streaming services for several weeks so this isn’t a concern. What does concern me is Althouse’s conclusion
So, just like that, small religious groups lost their right to meet in person and must, at this late date, switch to teleconferencing. And that’s what you get when local government takes over. Why did they adopt everything else the State Department of Health Services had in its orders, but change that one thing? They rushed it out on the same day the court acted, but they had the time and motivation to go harder on religious groups? How did that happen?
Maybe Professor Althouse is wrong. I hope she is. Her conclusion, however, is worrisome.
In Christ,
+Fr Gregory