As American as Apple Pie?

Unions have never hesitated to resort to force, or physically to interfere with the employers’ business operations, often in violation of the law. The American labor movement was founded in lawlessness. The UAW obtained General Motors’ recognition in Flint, Michigan by staging an illegal sit-down strike in 1936-37, and defying federal court orders that they vacate GM’s premises. Historian Howard Dickman explains the genesis of the mythology of labor union victimhood: “[W]hat is really at stake in blaming the violence on employers or the government…is simply the belief that a union, on the basis of their members’ presumed property right to their jobs, had a right to shut down a plant or industry or even an entire economy.”

Mark Pulliam, The Myth of Labor Union Victimhood

While we are rightly concerned as a society with recent mass shootings. But as Mark Pullian makes clear, mass violence in America is not limited to either the Right or the Left.

Likewise, while we are concerned about the role of guns to cause harm and even death to a large number of people, guns are not the only weapon of choice.