Althouse: The government — in failing to maintain order in Kenosha — deserves blame for the Kyle Rittenhouse incident.

Ann Althouse writes:

Rittenhouse and every other individual — except a truly deranged person, such as, perhaps, Rosenbaum — are responsible for his own actions. We tend to focus on the actions of other human beings, and the trial was a spectacle commanding us to focus on Rittenhouse. The government puts on that show, and that show distracts us from the failings of government.

The first moral obligation of government is to protect life and property. When it doesn’t, as it didn’t do in Kenosha, as it didn’t do here in Madison and around the country, innocent lives are put at risk. Because elected officials failed to do what they swore to do, two men in Kenosha are dead and two others are maimed, one physically, the other morally.

in Christ,

Fr Gregory