A Chaste Love of Nation

Patriotism, that is love of country, is for Christians an obligation that flows from our love of neighbor. Such love, like all loves, must be chaste not promiscuous. Chaste love doesn’t overlook shortcoming in the beloved. But neither does it make even the most serious moral failures the sum total of the beloved.

In the service of fostering a chaste love our flawed nation, here’s some observations by Bari Weiss in a recent NYP op ed:

“Do not nod along when you hear the following: That Abraham Lincoln’s name on a public school or his likeness on a statue is white supremacy. (It is not; he is a hero.) That separating people into racial affinity groups is progressive. (It is a form of segregation.) That looting has no victims (untrue) and that small-business owners can cope anyway because they have insurance (nonsense). That any disparity of outcome is evidence of systemic oppression (false). That America is evil. (It is the last hope on Earth.)

This list could go on for a thousand pages. These may have become conventional wisdom in certain circles, but they are lies.

Yet too many good people are sacrificing the common good, and therefore their long-term security, for the sake of short-term comfort.

Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco is at risk of being renamed by woke city leaders.

It’s time to stand up and fight back. That means you. Social conservatives. Never-Trump Republicans, and anti-anti-Trump Republicans, too. Lukewarm liberals and libertarians. Progressives who have a little curiosity still left. Exhausted parents who want nothing to do with politics. Joe Rogan stans. Reddit revolutionaries and the hedgies getting crushed. Facebookers and email chainers and Etsy-shop owners and Boomers who still use AOL accounts.”

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