Reflections on Election Day

Unapologetically, I am an advocate of the free market and the American experiment. For reasons both moral and practical, I think it is better to allow people to make their own decisions on economic matters and in politics. But this doesn’t mean that I think the decisions we make are immune from moral judgment. Sometimes we misuse our freedom and pursue goals that are not commensurate with human dignity.

This all came to mind this morning when I read a post by Mary G. Leary (The $6 Billion Question). She writes that during this presidential election cycle, “People have argued, debates have occurred, pundits have postulated, and the proxies have predicted the ‘inevitable’ effects of the ‘other side’ winning.” And at least some candidates from both political parties have behaved in a manner reminiscent “to young men during the first week of a new dating relationship.” How? By promising “to change our lives in countless miraculous and, more than likely, unattainable ways.”

But here is where Leary’s concern and mine converge is not over what we are saying but what we are as a people leaving unsaid and so unexamined. Continue reading

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