Seeking the Kingdom of God…at Work

(Source: Institute for Faith Work & Economics).

So what does it look like to “seek first the Kingdom and its righteousness” at work?

One of the outcomes of seeking the Kingdom at work is serving the common good.  This is perhaps the most powerful way to show people the truth of Christianity.

The book How the Irish Saved Civilization tell the story of how Irish monks in the Middle Ages moved out through pagan Europe, inventing and establishing academies, universities, and hospitals. They radically transformed local economies and cared for the weak through these new institutions. As Tim Keller suggests,

They didn’t set out to ‘get control’ of a pagan culture. They let the gospel change how they did their work and what that meant as they worked for others instead of themselves. Christians today should be aiming for the same thing.

Another example can be seen in the life of the 17th century Christian inventor and businessman Cyrus McCormick.  He was the inventor of the reaper, and also instituted many new principles of business which reflected his Biblical view of life.
By cultivating the talents and skills God has given us to fulfill his vocational call on our lives, we serve the common good and take part in discipling the nations. Through our work, we see His kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven.

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