Iconographer paints holy images at Orthodox Church of St. Matthew

A great article about Wayne Hajos, the icongrapher at the Orthodox Church of St Matthew in Columbia, MD.  Here’s the first bit…

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

Higher CallingWayne Hajos poses for a portrait beneath some of his work at the Orthodox Church of Saint Matthew, where he is the resident iconographer. (Patuxent Publishing / August 20, 2011)


Wayne Hajos stood before a piece of drywall, wholly — you could say “holy” — absorbed. Casting a near-angelic glow in the darkened narthex, he regarded the work in progress before him.

On this sun-dappled morning, the resident iconographer at the Orthodox Church of St. Matthew, in the Columbia village of Kings Contrivance, was in the early stages of infusing light and life into his latest effort, an icon of St. Herman of Alaska, the first American saint in Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Outfitted in cutoffs and a faded red sweatshirt with paint splotches, Hajos leaned his right arm against a stepladder. His voice whisper-soft yet enthusiastic, Hajos seems not so much into iconography as iconography is into Hajos.

‘”Before I start, I say my prayers,” he said. “I ask that God would have mercy on me. I know it might sound funny, but I have to have the inner peace thing going. Just so there are no obstructions between you and God, because I’m just a vessel.”

Read the rest here.

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